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The workshop will take place in the Kyoto Garden Palace hotel just in front of the Kyoto Imperial Palace. Warning! Do not confuse the workshop hotel with the "Kyoto Garden Hotel" (another hotel in Kyoto with a very similar name).

      Kyoto Garden Palace hotel

Due to the large number of participants, some people will have to stay in the following hotels:
      Palace side hotel
      Hotel Rubino Horikawa

Check the hotel assignment page on the PMIP3 wiki for more details.

Unfortunately, an insufficient number of rooms were reserved for the night of Saturday December 4th only. Those who need to stay in a different hotel (Rich Hotel Kyoto) for that night have already been informed.

Registration fee

The registration fee is 5000 JPY. See below for the details of the other fees (room and meals).

Accommodation, meals and payment

Accommodation and meals

Rough estimate of the total cost of the workshop, per person:

    14000 JPY x (nights of stay) + transportation to Kyoto.

Click on the following links to access the Google currency converter:

    14000 JPY to Euro

    14000 JPY to USD

Payment method

Participants will be able to pay with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express).

How to book a room?

The local organizers will book hotel rooms for people who registered with the Google registration form.

Finding your route in Japan by train

You can use the following web site (in English!) to help you plan your trip.


Getting to Kyoto (by plane and train)

Osaka (KANSAI Intl. airport) is the closest and easiest gateway to Kyoto, but there are other possibilities: Nagoya and Tokyo. You will find some information below (more information later).

Osaka (KANSAI Intl. airport)

Code / link: KIX

Nagoya ("Centrair" Central Japan Intl. airport)

Code / link: NGO

Tokyo (NARITA Intl. airport)

Code / link: NRT

Getting to the hotels (hotels during the meeting)

Kyoto Garden Palace hotel

KGP hotel web site (English)

Download the annotated map (or google map)and read the instructions below.

Public transportation from Kyoto Station
  1. Take subway Karasuma Line to Marutamachi Station. (7 min., 3 stops)
  2. From Marutamachi station, Approx 8min, walk from Exit No.2.
  3. Turn left from Exit No.2, the hotel is on the corner of the third signal.
Taxi from Kyoto Station

By taxi, it costs ca. 1500-2000 JPY from Kyoto Station. takes 15-20 min.


605, Tatsumae-Cho, Shimochojamachi Agaru, Karasuma-Dori, Kamigyo-Ku, Kyoto 602-0912, Japan

Phone +81 (0)75-411-0111
Fax +81 (0)75-411-0403

Palace Side Hotel

Palace side web site (English)

The PSH web has a good Access page.

Google map


Karasuma Shimodachiuri Agaru, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-8011, Japan

Phone +81 (0)75 415-8887
Fax +81 (0)75 415-8889

Hotel Rubino Kyoto Horikawa

Hotel Rubino Horikawa (Japanese)

Access map (English)

Google map


7 Sanchome, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 602-8056, Japan

Phone +81 (0)75-432-6161
Fax +81 (0)75-432-6160

Early arrival hotel (Saturday 4th)

Rich Hotel Kyoto

Google map with walking directions to KGP

Gojo-agaru, Kawaramachi-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto , Japan

Phone +81 (0)75-341-1131
Fax +81 (0)75-351-1095

Misc. information


Questions about the workshop should be sent to:

   pmip_ws mail alias (Ayako Abe-Ouchi, Tetsuo Sueyoshi and others)

PMIP 3 Logos

The official PMIP 3 logos that you should use in your presentations and posters are available on the PMIP 3 logo page.


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