What's New In PMIP 3?


Upcoming PMIP 3 conferences/workshops

The next PMIP 3 workshop should take place in 2017

Other news

05/2014 Some precomputed plots are available in the Synthesis Maps section.
05/2014 The PMIP3/CMIP5 climatological monthly mean and variance are available in the monClim files of ESGF
12/2013 Several datasets were added to the the Paleodata Syntheses section
01/2013 There is a new section on the web/wiki for the PMIP3 Working Groups.
07/29/2010 The PMIP3 logo is available in different formats.
12/22/2009 The final version of the boundary conditions for the CMIP5 paleoclimate simulations that are part or tier 1 (Last Glacial Maximum and mid-Holocene), and tier 2 (Last Millennium), is available.
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