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Do not forget to submit (and update) the references of your publications on the CMIP5 site if you have run or used some CMIP5 standard paleo experiments (midHolocene, lgm and past1000). Make sure you select the Paleoclimate keyword in the Keyword selection list!

Key references

CMIP5 publications

PMIP3-CMIP5 publications are available on the CMIP5 web site.

PMIP 3-specific publications


Caution! We are experimenting with citeulike, a non-CMIP5 tool,
to centralize all the PMIP3 publications (PMIP3-CMIP5 and PMIP3-specific)


PlioMIP publications are available on the PlioMIP web site.

Conference reports

PMIP 3 @ Crewe, UK, May 2012

PMIP 3 @ Kyoto, Japan, December 2010

PMIP 2 @ Estes Park, USA, September 2008

Last PMIP 2 workshop conclusions, introducing PMIP 3

Book chapters


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